SOI is an object which represents the reflexion of our own personality.

SOI is composed of modular fragments ; fragments which fit together and form pendants ; fragments that compose and explore a representation of the personality of those who wear this mask. Outsourcing.
The length of its pendants allows a fluid movement of the body as on a dance stage. The fragments relate in another way to the theme of self-seeking, which is present in Kaori Ito’s show Robot, l’Amour éternel.
The immersive universe in which this mask take us echoes its design, allowing us to live what it is. A restricted space corresponding to our personal interior in which one can sometimes feel cramped and want to go further. This space is a reproduction of Kaori Ito’s stage of her show, thus allowing us to create our own show, our own movements, to create our personal questioning before hearing and seeing that of the artist.

Show informations:
Robot, l'Amour éternel, Cie Himé
CHÂTILLON Theater, Châtillon (FR)
Friday, March 9th 2018 at 9pm

Communication project for the
MARTO festival.

Google Cardboard︎
VR (Blender and A-Frame)︎

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