From the Greek words ána (ascent) and mnémè (memory), anamnesis means "recall of the memory".

But under what physical or digital form could this reminder be when it is related to our feelings? Anamnesis questions our memory in connection with the personal experiences. How will the participant of a digital work remember a physical experience? What feeling to leave to the participant? How will he/she remember the experience? All these questions will find an answer in the course of this research on our body, our feelings and our emotions associated with our memory.

A first investigation on the knowledge concerning the functioning of the brain and body led to two points of view: one of the participant as receiver and interpreter of digital works and a second one of the designer as creator of new experiences.

This Master dissertation is part of a collection of 3 dissertations of my degree project group called “Sensory Travel” (Voyage Sensoriel). This work was builded around one question: how can the digital creation step in the memory construction? These researches, for our degree project, led to another question: How can the body feel a past/lived experience through a digital tool?

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