studio gohar


Studio Gohar is a Paris based creation studio I co-founded in 2020 with Marisol Santana.

The studio focuses on telling stories and celebrating oriental ancestral folklore. It seeks the meeting between French and Oriental cultures and spontaneously defines a new temporality to create uniquely designed pieces. By sourcing its production in France, Studio Gohar captures the essence of traditional craftsmanship and stays close to the creation process of its carefully handmade products.


My major work has been the entire visual identity of the studio (logo made with the Marisol’s handwriting, newsletters, e-shop website, social media content, shootings, videos and photographs’s edits, print layerings etc).

I also worked on the objects’s production, shooting of our first campaign, first collection release event and showroom.

Art Direction︎
Visual Identity︎
Creative Production︎
Social Media content production & management︎
Editorial design︎

Business skills︎

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︎︎︎Visual identity — Logo

Here is the “GET TO KNOW US BETTER!” video I edited. 

︎︎︎Social Media ( on instagram)


︎︎︎Campaign of “Chapter 1: Nor Djugha”

(Studio Gohar’s first collection).

Art Direction: Studio Gohar
Photography by Marin Avram and Vincent Taraud
Video: Vincent Taraud
Close-up photography: Marin Avram
Production: Antoine Meffre-Chol
Assistant photographer and Backstage photography: Augustin Décarsin
Post production: Marin Avram and Vincent Taraud
Music: Alexandre Poirot
Set design: Finn Miller
Stylists: Jade Rosamont and Eva Poteloin
Make up: Marie-Cécile Barrios
Casting director: Marvin Latournald (Models Lane)
Models: Léa Behalal, Chama Bennani, Idriss Bellouti, Alex Loembe, Sophie Richelieu, Kecy Ladeuille, Itus Chatelain, Charles Rousseau, Lola Dubas, Roberto Neri, Maud Rallière, An-nam Durieu, Hamza Shah, Julia Daka Moussahagiri, Clémence Buytaert, Cyriane Dossou

Campaign video made by Vincent Taraud, here

︎︎︎Layering of Studio Gohar’s Hamma Guide written by Marisol Santana (single pages pdf, given in one of Studio Gohar’s newsletter)

︎︎︎Launch event and showroom for Studio Gohar’s first collection, called “House of Gohar”

Art Direction: Studio Gohar
Production: Chloé Pezet
Set Design: Studio Gohar, Finn Miller
Photography and Edits: Théo Guerlet

Catering: Naomi from Teachmehowtodough, Apolline Marmin 
At the Beaujour Bonsoir Studio, in Paris